King Island Tours

King Island offers a wide range of tours where you can sample the best the island has to offer, dine on local produce, and stay in comfort at Yambacoona House.

The island is nestled in the turquoise embrace of Bass Strait between Tasmania and Victoria. The largest of the three island New Year Group, King Island offers travellers a tranquil escape from the city. Guided tours are a great way to get the most of your trip, or you can hire a car from the airport and explore to your hearts content.

A Diverse Landscape to Explore

At 64km long and 24km wide the island is surprisingly large and can take up to a week to explore. Stokes Point is closest to the Tasmanian mainland while Cape Wickham is the most northly destination. 

Surrounding this paradise are three smaller islands, each a treasure trove of natural wonders. New Year Island and Christmas Island grace the northwest, while Councillor Island sits opposite the mesmerising Sea Elephant Beach.

King Island Natural Environment

King Island is home to a diverse range of fauna and native plants. Encounters with friendly wallabies are a daily delight, while ringtail possums, echidnas, and platypus can all be seen on the island.

During summer you might see the Orange Bellied Parrot. This vibrant coloured bird breeds in south-west Tasmania before migrating to coastal Victoria and south-eastern South Australia in the cooler months. Its migration path encompasses the west coast of Tasmania and King Island. Dedicated birders may also spot the endangered King Island brown thornbill or the King Island Scrubtit

Guided Tours

For bus transfers from the airport to Yambacoona House and across the island look no further than the King Island Coach Company. They offer the perfect solution when you want to spend the day sampling local gourmet food or playing a round golf without the need to drive.

King Island Coaches also provides one day and four day tours of the island. Popular destinations close to Yambacoona House include Shag Lagoon Bird Hide, King Island Kelp Craft, Quarantine Bay, Cape Wickham Light House, and Martha Lavinia, one of King Island’s largest bird sanctuaries.

Off Road Tours

King Island Tours specialises in personalised and group tours run by local guides who share their passion for the island.

The best destinations are selected to deliver an optimal King Island experience whether your passion is nature, photography, or finding the perfect fishing spot. Best of all King Island Tours off road vehicles can venture where others cannot go. Tours include gourmet meals showcasing the best of King Island’s produce.

Do you want to get up close and personal with the King Island way of life? King Island Pleasure Tours offers air transfers, bus pick up, gourmet food, and a range of two to four day small group tours.

Solo female travellers are also catered for with the women only King Island Pamper Tour that features daily high teas, and massages and facials. Other tour options include playing a round of golf, horse riding, bird watching, or swimming and surfing.

Capture King Island’s pristine landscapes and unique flora and fauna through your camera lens such as the Yellow-tailed Black-Cockatoo. 

You will also see jewel blue bays, sweeping beaches, convict built lighthouses, and other vistas found nowhere else on the planet.

Photography tours are led by experienced local photographer Ian Johnson. Tour packages include 4WD touring, all meals, and dinners at the renowned Wild Harvest restaurant.

Adam Hely and Ian Allan from King Island Walks will take you to secret places only the locals know about. They blend an intimate knowledge of the island with a love of the majestic, rugged coastline.

There are different walking options including coastal walks, lighthouse tours, platypus and penguin tours, and customised tours. 

King Island Field Naturalists Club

Monthly field trips for members and visitors are run by the King Island Field Naturalists. Learn about King Island’s local fauna, flora and geology.

Self-guided nature walks can also be taken at British Admiral Beach, The Calcified Forest, the SS Cataraqui Memorial, Seal Point, Currie, Grassie, Naracoopa and other interesting locations.

Australian and New Zealander golfers looking for organised tours to world famous courses across Tasmania should look no further than Gone Golfing Tours.

On King Island Gone Golfing provides unforgettable experiences to Cape Wickham Golf Links and the Ocean Dunes Golf Course

Yambacoona House is located minutes from both courses and has plenty of room for all your equipment, and a large outdoor space to practice your swing.

Tap into local knowledge on the best surf breaks with King Island Surf Safaris.

Small group tours of 3 to 5 people allow you to access perfect beaches and enjoy unsurfed waves. Packages include chartered flights, 4WD to crazy good waves, spare surfboards, and fishing and diving gear.

When you need to recharge, spread out at Yambacoona House with plenty of beds, gourmet food packs, and local beaches to explore.

As the primary airline serving King Island and Flinders Island, Sharp Airlines offers the widest range of flights from Essendon Airport in Victoria, and Launceston and Wynyard airports in Tasmania.

Sharp Airlines also offers holiday packages such as the Three Spectacular Islands in One with flights, car hire and accommodation on King Island, Flinders Island, and Tasmania. While on King Island you can stay at Yambacoona House, the perfect place to unwind with friends and family.

King Island Airlines offers daily flights from Moorabbin Airport in Victoria.

Explore the best that King Island has to offer with world class golf courses, famous King Island beef, the best gourmet cheese, and crayfish delivered straight from the boat to your plate.

King Island Tourism can provide more information on flight options.

Do you need a King Island Escape or want to feast on fresh local produce? Australian Air Safaris offer unique itineraries flying to King Island and sampling the best island life can offer. 

The tours are hosted by experienced pilots and local guides who take care of all of the planning and logistics. You can experience the island’s rugged beauty, explore the wilderness, learn about the early settlers history, and soak in stunning views.

Australian Air Safaris provides their air charter service from Moorabbin Airport in Victoria with accommodation available at Yambacoona House.


Rent a car on King Island

Hiring a car is a breeze with King Island Car Rental offering over 90 vehicles to choose from.

Car hire options include small run-arounds, SUVs, utes, 4WD Land Cruisers, 8 seat people movers, and 12 seat mini buses.

King Island Tourism can provide more information on car hire options.

Best King Island Accommodation Deals

Yambacoona House offers comfortable accomodation for up to eight people. This renovated Federation style home is close to pristine beaches, gourmet food, and world class golf courses. The property features include polished floors, a large kitchen, laundry, sunrooms, fire places, formal dining room, and a lounge room.

Yambacoona House Packages include our Gourmet Package, King Island Golf Package, and our Yambacoona House Signature Package.

Book now or contact Yambacoona House to plan your island escape.